We specialise in both bottled and plumbed water cooler filtration so we can help you choose the best option that is most convenient and cost effective for your home or office.
To discuss your filtration options please call us on 02 4956 9246 or email us via the contact page

7 GREAT REASONS to CHOOSE a filtered water system:

FREE Installantion,
FREE Delivery,
FREE Service Maintenance
SAVE Space - no need to store water bottles
SAVE Money - bottled water can be expensive 
SAVE time  -no waiting for bottled water deliveries
Lifetime Warranty !

Option 1: Mains Connected

Our plumbed water coolers are an environmental choice for your home or office.

They’re of the highest quality and the filters remove any impurities and contaminants present in tap water.

The coolers are connected to the main water supply which means no bottles are required to store or replace.

You will always have an unlimited supply of ice cold pure water available (literally, on tap!).

This system is highly affordable, call us now on 02 4956 9246 to discuss pricing information.

Option 2: Bottle Filtration

Our 3 stage bottle filtration in-built system allows you to enjoy pure filtered water with the convenience of a bottled water cooler.

Simply place the bottle on top of the water cooler and fill it with tap water. The filter bottle has a removable lid that allows you to fill it using a jug.

This new tri-stage filter bottle is the smart way to have clean, crisp, pure drinking water.

This system is highly affordable, call us now on 02 4956 9246 to discuss pricing information.

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