About our Springwater

Where does the spring water come from?
Our spring water comes from Kulnura, which is located on the NSW Central Coast Highlands.

How much water do I need to drink daily?
The recommended daily average for an adult is 8 glasses of bottled spring water per day.

About our service

Does our Springwater delivery service extend to your area?
We deliver Vital Source naturally energised spring water to all areas across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Gosford and Central Coast. We also supply some parts of the Hunter Valley area.

Do we charge a Delivery fee for your spring water delivery?
We at Vital Source don’t believe you should be charged for delivery of your spring water.

Do I have to call to organise my spring water delivery?
No.You will be placed on a regular delivery cycle with a specified delivery date each four week cycle. Your delivery will be on a scheduled day of the week, so that you know exactly when we are delivering to your area. Remember, you don't have to be home to receive your normal delivery. You can organise with your driver or salesperson exactly what you need to have delivered.

About Vital Source products

What size are the water coolers?
The freestanding coolers are 940 mm high on a base of 320 mm per side - they take up about as much space as a telephone book. The bench top cooler is 260 mm high.

Can we buy a water cooler?
Vital Source does not sell its water coolers. As part of your rental agreement we will gladly exchange a faulty cooler at anytime and replace it as soon as possible. It’s all part of our exceptional customer service experience.

How much does it cost to run a water cooler?
The cooler uses as much energy as a 75 watt light bulb... This means it costs about 5 cents per day to run a cold cooler and about 35 cents per day to run a hot and cold cooler.

Do I have a choice of colour for my water cooler?
All floor model coolers are available in white, light grey and titanium. For further information call customer service on 02 4956 9246.

How big are your bottles?
The bottles are a standard 15 litre bottle, however there is generally more like 16litres in the bottle. 

About paying for our products

For customers who have Vital Source at home...
You can pay by direct deposit (EFT), cash or cheque for the initial delivery and then for subsequent orders you may pay monthly by ongoing direct deposit (EFT), cash or cheque.

For customers who have Vital Source at the office...
You can pay by direct deposit (EFT), cash or cheque for the initial delivery and then for subsequent orders you may pay monthly by ongoing direct deposit (EFT), cash or cheque.

Can I pay over the Internet?
Yes. All of our customers can pay by direct deposit (EFT). Account name: Vital Source. Account No: 714860569 BSB: 637-000 Greater Building Society

Contact us for more information - Or call Phil on 02 4956 9246 today!

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