Water Coolers and 15l Bottled Spring Water

There is certainly economy in buying Spring water in 15lt containers for  home or office.

Vital Source Naturally Energised Spring Water 15lt containers are heavy duty to ensure safe and easy storage. The 15lt bottles fits a range of coolers and crocks.

Bulk water is delivered FREE to your door. 

We also have special offers to rent any Water Cooler and acessories for your business. Check the sizes, features, colours and requirements.

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Filtered Water Coolers

For a bottleless solution, we have available Filtered Water Stations with different features (hot, cold and chill water), sizes, colors, storage capacity, etc. Contact us for more details.


Our handmade stoneware water crocks are perfect for home or office kitchen bench tops. They are neat, compact and easy to use, thanks to the pre-fitted tap. Stoneware crocks use a 15 litre Vital Source Naturally Energised Spring Water bottle. 

Hand Pumps

Our hand pumps are a great way for you to have easy access to Vital Source Naturally Energised Spring Water. They fit neatly to the top of the bottle without you even needing to pick the bottle up of the floor.



These stands are Australian made and done so with great craftsmanship. 

There are two stands available, one for the bench and the other for the floor.

Rack for 6 Bottles

These racks are a great way for you to store your Vital Source Naturally Energised Spring Water bottles if you have limited space. They are available on a rental basis.

Paper Cups and Cup Holder

Paper cups are much more environmentally friendly than plastic. A sleeve of paper cups fit directly into the dispenser. The cups hold 200ml and have 1000 in a box.

Water Bottle Dispenser Stand

A great and convenient solution to have water anywhere you need. 


Also try our Alkaline Water

Looking for the healthiest water in the market? Totally natural, that’s the best of Australian Nature can provide. So rich in minerals and oxygen, that you can feel the difference immediately. 

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